Treasure Hunt Fun for Kids

Exciting, themed treasure hunts for your children to do at home. With character video, clues, puzzles and songs, it's easy and affordable kids fun! And you can download and access it TODAY....

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Themed treasure hunts - a theme for every imagination

These interactive treasure hunts can be accessed and played today at home! So whether you are looking for a last minute fun activity for today or planning a special occasion coming up, they are the perfect solution for active and imaginative kids!

Watch this...

One minute explainer video...


Check out the themes available for your kids now.....


Great for individual kids at home or groups of children....

Do you struggle to fun unique and fun ideas for kids?

Whether it's for activities at home, home schooling, a birthday party, family event, Brownie or cub group or your class at school; you have a child or group of children and you need an affordable and engaging activity that keeps them occupied and is super fun......then you need the Treasure Hunt Adventure Pack....

You can have a ready made, active and fun activity that works with a group of kids whether you have 1 or 30! 

So if you are pushed for time but don't want to compromise the fun; download an amazing treasure hunt now!

See below what kids and parents are saying about it.......

Easy solution for parents......

"Usually I spend hours planning how to run the activities at my kids parties and they are often over in a few minutes!

This was so easy to set up, was no hassle and lasted a full 40 minutes! The children were fully engaged throughout and absolutely loved it! My son wants to do it again tomorrow and now wants to meet Ron the Ranger!!!"

Super fun for kids.....

"I loved the videos that we watched with Ron the Ranger and how he gave us each clue that we had to then go and find.

I also loved learning the Dino Rap and getting the certificate at the end"

How it works.....

Easy to run...Mega Fun......

Character led fun and games

Access the downloadable printables and videos of our character for clues on any device or Smart TV ...

What you get.....

Video clues

Themed song video (Dino rap, Space song or Wizard anthem!)

Graduation video

Clue cards with fun riddles within theme. 

Puzzle pieces to print and distribute at clue points. Also option to draw / trace if you don't have a printer.

Full PDF instructions

Certificates of completion to print.

A fun and engaging party activity for kids aged 3-8

Parent kudos for running a brilliant and unique kids treasure hunt activity!!




Easy and Fun...


Children can work individually or in teams.

The themed character (Ranger, Astronaut or Wizard) delivers their clues through the video clips.

Children learn the characters themed song and dance and learn key skills (being a Dino Ranger, astronaut or wizard)

At each clue point children collect the treasure which is pieces of the themed puzzle and work together to complete the puzzle and receive their  treasure (not provided) and certificate of achievement.


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How it works......


Login to your secure account and you will be able to access all the videos as well as the clue cards, clue point puzzles and certificates to easily print.

Also option to draw / trace if you don't have a printer.

A PDF will give you easy step-by-step instructions for how to set up and run the treasure hunt with maximum ease and minimum time and hassle!

Print / draw the clues and puzzle pieces, hide them and you're ready to start the best treasure hunt event....easy for you and brilliant fun for the kids....

Choose your Amazing Themed Treasure Hunt Now

Immediate access to all videos, clues and puzzles

Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt

Superhero Treasure Hunt

Intergalactic Treasure Hunt

Wizard Treasure Hunt

Accessible and Easy

Access the videos through your phone, tablet, laptop or Smart TV.

Easy printable PDFs for clues and puzzle pieces.

Also option to draw / trace if you don't have a printer.


If you run a play centre, visitor attraction, farm park or museum then we have a version of the treasure hunt that your visitors can use whilst visiting you... DELIGHT AND ENGAGE them.. Easy and affordable for you... Super fun for your customers....


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